This creativity hasn’t ended with the Decco. Test Peachtree Nova: Zwei Herzen schlagen in der Brust dieses mit integriertem D/A-Wandler daherkommenden Hybridvollverstärkers. In fact, if you are not used to hearing this level of quality, it might come as a bit of a shock. One of these is just for iPhones and iPads. Model: NOVA300 PB . With some other Peachtree products, there has been a window in the panel at the front. Very dissapointed. I use a vinyl record player (with tube pre amp) and blue sound node 2i for transport via RCA cables. It had become the first integrated amplifier that offered a USB. Regardless, I continue to respect and revere the integrity I've known from Stereophile since I was a kid. These are easily selected by pushing one of the buttons. When the knob is again stationary, all of those lights are extinguished except for the one above the input in use. Having a vinyl-horn lover review this thing is like having a Sailboat lover reviewing a 3,000 hp Ocean Racer. So did they like it? Clearly, some running-in was in order; before doing any further critical listening, I subjected the nova300 to a little over a week's worth of steady use as a background-music workhorse. This is an amazing sounding system for the price, and currently going into my new KEF LS50s and REL T5i, the best sound I've had in my 43 years of buying audio. I dunno what others are reading into this, but I caught on to what Dudley was getting at with the "slightly grainy" etc. Which also means that, whenever I switched from USB-B to any other input, the nova300 ceased to be a selectable option on the iMac. At the very least, this anomaly should be mentioned in the nova300's otherwise fine owner's manual. When we say ‘do it all,’ we mean play every different type of file to the most-used HiFi sources. It has exactly the same controls as are on the front of the amp. Would like to see a true walnut version to replace my current set up (which feeds an antiquated Technics SA-5070 receiver into a pair of even older X-45 Jensne 6.5" bookshelf speakers) And it certainly does that. I have PSB Symphony One speakers. ). There will always be a some product returns and there will always be haters for whatever reasons, so I'm sure you could find a few who don't like what we've done, but the overall feedback has been incredibly positive. The Peachtree Audio website touts the Nova300 amplifier as having a "World-Class Preamplifier" , stating that the "Previous generation Peachtree preamps had a signal to noise ratio in the range of 95 to 100dB, ..." and that "By contrast, the newly-designed preamp section in the nova300 has a S/N ratio of 111dB. Make it beautiful. This is an audiophile amp with options. There is an abundance of connection options, and having its own headphone amplifier makes a big difference. But you do get a detailed instruction manual and a power cord. The Nova 300 is completely solid-state. With a variety of input options this amp is versatile enough for numerous applications. Coupled to that preamp is an output stage comprising class-D modules from the Bang & Olufsen subsidiary ICEpower; it produces 300Wpc into an 8-ohm load, and 450Wpc into 4 ohms. Light years better sound, period (and the remote is much better too). This Peachtree’s 6.4mm socket is even beefier on power than that found in the nova150. Turns out, we just got shipped an incorrect model. “…the Nova 300 is a flat out steal for all the audio capabilities it delivers.” Read the full review… “No matter what was going into the amplifier, or what we were using to listen to it, it never gave anything but a brilliant performance.” Additionally, the nova300 includes a moving-magnet phono stage with active RIAA equalization. I hate to sound professorial, or like there will be an exam later in the semester, but it's for your own benefit. . ), Peachtree encouraged anxious audiophiles to wait. I guess I am a little confused as to what actual difference one would expect hearing the Peachtree 150(W) over the 300 (W). Ob das Ganze unser Herz zu gewinnen vermochte, erfahren Sie im Test Peachtree Nova. Stereophile is welcome to have it back in a system more compatible with our unit. This is an example of how we can get blinded by our preferences and not use common sense. That thing being preamp stage buffering. And indeed, because the nova300 ran warm—not hot but certainly not class-D cool—I assumed that it operates in class-AB. As we already mentioned, it also has a digital to analog converter and a class-AB amp for headphones. I bought the Vena, but coming from an Oppo HA-1 feeding a Parasound A23, it sounded veiled and weak (and the tiny remote is useless).OK..that's a bit strong, it's not bad for the price and facilities, but I wasn't impressed. BTW, the Focal Elear I had (similar to Utopia) was a breakthrough item, with great reliability. The company are now based in Bellevue, Washington state, not far from Seattle. I wonder if it sounds alike too lol.. Peachtree Audio's nova150 nova300 and deepblue2 have been tested many times by the biggest testers, with outstanding results. When you get this quality, you are going to need high-performance tweeters and drivers and powerful woofers. Does it come much easier? We allow quite a long audition period and I always tell people to please return it if you only "like it". My prediction is that the used market for amplification will be "heating up" as these new standards become more prevalent. Geeeez. Gosh, you're a lot of fun. I note the recommended amplification for the triton 5's is 15 to 400 watt/channel. This is a stereo amp, and it has been built and designed to emphasize its simplicity. The USB port operated in the optimal isochronous asynchronous mode. Sorry, but not even close. The DAC handles audio from 32bit/384kHz to 5.6 DSD. This Nova can output 450 Watts, it has a DAC, it has Phono, it can Wi-Fi, it has a Real Wood cabinet, it's made in good ol' USA and it's only 17 lbs! Peachtree Audio iDecco review Packing a traditional valve alongside up-to-the-minute digital technology, this stereo amplifier and dock will suit most digital-based systems Tested at £999.00. Two of them, Aux1 and 2, are for line-level analog. Our Verdict. Peachtree Audio Nova 300 Review Peachtree is a US audio manufacturing company that formed in 2007 when they launched their Decco amplifier, which at the time brought with it some revolutionary ideas. The first of those, for USB Type B plugs, addresses the nova300's asynchronous USB receiver, itself based on an XMOS microcontroller; the second, for USB Type A plugs, is for Lightning-compatible iPhones and iPads, and includes Peachtree's Dynamic Noise Elimination (DyNEC) system, claimed to eliminate all power-supply and screen noise generated by the associated phone or tablet. ", Peachtree further describes the Nova300 as "Quiet as a Mouse", stating "The nova300 utilizes an extensive power supply and grounding design to ensure the noise floor is pushed as far down as possible to allow the music to shine through. There doesn’t seem too much point in reeling out endless technical specs on performance or sound. The exception is that the volume control is an up and down push control rather than a revolving dial. I'll bet he knew how to work a motor when necessary. You can read those elsewhere. This is loud, and you will not need to be convinced that the power rating is 300 watts RMS and accurate. And there aren’t too many potential connections that have not been thought of and included. Which will help you to take decision to get Peachtree Audio Nova300 Review. The wood effect covers all the surfaces of the unit except for the front plate and rear panel and air vents on top. I have been reading Stereophile for a couple of years now and enjoy the reviews and technical measurements. Digital Audio Review gives the DAR Knock Out Award to the "powerfully persuasive Peachtree nova300" "I doubt that there's a loudspeaker on the planet that this Peachtree won't drive with sure-footed authority." added a smidgen of clarification but did not square the perceived discrepancy. It had a unique industrial design with an aluminum front panel, a simple button and knob user interface and a rounded wood case finished with beautiful veneers. I don't know who wants this. Also aft of the nova300's preamp stage is an all-discrete, class-AB headphone amplifier. It came prefitted with the Audio-Technica AT-VM95E cartridge which is a wonderful budget cartridge in itself, but I swapped it out for the Grado Opus3 Maple Bodied Phono Cartridge in order to review the cartridge, and as it was preferable in … There is also a headphone jack socket. There are many times when we review products, and it isn’t always a happy experience. But in this case I agree with you. I am sure the reviewer love his speakers but cmon using vintage equipment to do reviews does not make sense in my book. Now that we’ve covered the history, let’s take an in-depth look in our comprehensive Peachtree Audio Nova 300 review…. Installation and setup We find ourselves having to look hard to find something. A reviewer of modern digital audio equipment should be judging his reviews using equipment that is compatible and accessible to the people who would be buying the product. Gotta say that I love the backlash. J. Gordon Holt, the founder of Stereophile, famously said: "Who cares how long it lasts if it doesn't sound good? I've also always liked the aesthetic of Peachtree amps with curved corners and a wooden case. Peachtree Audio nova300 ist einer der neuen Generation integrierter Verstärker von Peachtree. This review is from Peachtree Audio … Be thankful that most of these state of the art products have far fewer bugs than the most popular software that runs on today's computers and cellphones. In 2007 Peachtree Audio introduced a new integrated amplifier that immediately and forever changed the amplifier landscape. I thought the NAD sounded great, with some slight boom in the bass. Thirdly, returning to the fold after stints at AudioQuest, Tidal and Audioengine is one David Solomon. Our line of speakers has won more awards and been the spotlight of more reviews than we can count on fingers and toes. You would expect that much. Peachtree themselves refer to the nova300’s as “high output”, the nova150’s as “standard output”. This amp definitely deserves a review using a variety of speakers. A new innovation that produced great results and received its well-earned praise. But as with all ‘press to initiate buttons,’ there is a certain amount of movement, and they can feel vulnerable. More than you would ever use. All of the controls described above, except for the volume knob, are duplicated on the nova300's compact, aluminum-fronted remote-control handset, which adds a Mute button. That is probably loud enough for most people. Many articles write about the probable decline or death of High End produce, I agree with that for different reasons. The preamplifier, whether a separate component or as part of an all-in-one integrated amplifier, plays a critical role in the sound chain. The sound is big, spacious, and very full, and it doesn’t have to be loud to produce those results. Reminds me of Frank Zappa asking "What will you do when the coating comes off?". Now with the Peachtree, the bass is tighter, the soundstage is better, the ability to hear each instrument is improved, the sound is a little warmer, not as shrill as it was with the NAD. As a result, the nova300 achieves a remarkable dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. The sound of this amp will almost certainly be dictated by the quality of the speakers you use with it. "Peachtree… Good luck getting your little tube replaced for whatever benefit it may have yielded sonically. The Quad Vena's look is a traditional similar to their preamps from the 60's QC II and their latest TwentyFour. Indeed, some nova300s had already been shipped without their iOS boards—which, according to Peachtree, can be quickly and easily retrofitted. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2021. If you need more power, step … Fortunately I have an iPod Touch, which works with the DF Red with Wifi and Bluetooth off, and Airplane Mode ON. Sounds Like Art Described Every Switching Amp I've Ever Heard. ESS 9018 Reference DAC with DSD and asynchronous USB, iOS, 2 opt, coax, phono and aux inputs. The front plate is aluminum and the rear panel also metal. If anything, Peachtree has refined that formula: instead of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the wrap is now made of high-density fiberboard (HDF), which is claimed to produce an even more precise fit; and the buyer now has a choice of Piano Black or Gloss Ebony Mocha finishes, both boasting multiple coats of hand-rubbed lacquer. It sounds better than my Schiit Bifost DAC and Creative phono preamp separates. Digital Audio Review gives the DAR Knock Out Award to the "powerfully persuasive Peachtree nova300" "I doubt that there's a loudspeaker on the planet that this Peachtree won't drive with sure-footed authority." Better?? Quite an impressive array are included. Persuasive marketing, in some cases. In the interests of balance, though, it’s only right to tray and highlight any problem areas with any product. Peachtree is sort of a newbie compared to other mfgs. Let your consumers decide which DAC they want. Listening Drive any type of speaker, small or large, and have enough power to fill any room. This unit, however, performs well. Most of us have struggled with installations in which certain items must be connected and/or powered up in a certain order, and I assumed that that was the problem here—but it seemed that no combination of connections, reboots, or what have you could get the nova300 to appear as a selectable output target in the Sound window of the iMac's System Preferences menu. And as you move through the mid and higher frequencies, the same principles occurred. All of that is straightforward, and the nova300 threw me no curves—except for one in the setup regimen for its internal DAC: At first, after using a 1m-long AudioQuest Carbon USB link to connect the nova300 to my iMac, I had the damnedest time getting the computer to recognize the Peachtree. The two … That's what has always sounded best to me with a speaker like that.". New products, better engineering and even better value." Just having the extremes of -111 db and "worst case" loading to judge from, I'm lost. Our Mr.Dudley is a "vintage" fan, perhaps a bit quirky, certainly opinionated ( aren't we all? So far, we've received top performance rewards in every review published. Nothing crowding anything else, and everything articulate and in its place. What you really want to know is how it sounds? I've had nova for a month now, and it's amazing. Moonriver 404 Reference integrated amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amplifier, Musical Fidelity M8xi integrated amplifier, NAD Masters Series M33 streaming integrated amplifier, Aavik Acoustics U-380 integrated amplifier, Jadis Orchestra Black integrated amplifier, Quad Artera Solus integrated amplifier/CD player, Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 integrated amplifier, Counterpoint Natural Progression NPS-400 power amplifier, The FTC Proposes Eliminating Its "Amplifier Rule", Re-Tales #5: Pro audio and hi-fi cross over, Analog Corner #289: Ortofon Anna Diamond MC phono cartridge, Revinylization #14: The Grateful Dead's Magnificent Eight, Gramophone Dreams #45: T+A Solitaire P headphones & HA 200 DAC-headphone amplifier, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Recording of February 2021: Newvelle Records Season Five, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. The amp is so quite and revealing. It is also iOS certified and supports direct WiFi play. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. The Peachtree Audio Nova 500 is the newest incarnation of this excellent model and might just be destined to become a new industry standard in the high power, high performance range of integrated amplifiers. When I set out to review Peachtree Audio's 300Wpc, class-D nova300 for the June 2017 Stereophile, I thought I was just reviewing the latest iteration of an affordable DAC–integrated amplifier from the company that popularized if not invented the genre. Normally I'd be OK with trying just about anything, as long as it were tried at length to be certain. Just focus on amplification, whatever the "Class." It is an attractive design and is well-made. Someone else at Stereophile should do a "2nd opinion " or a "follow up". At least it would have made sense to have another set of speakers to compare. How do I know that a product works? The controls are replicated on the remote control provided. Don't get me wrong, Vintage equipment can sound great, but I would not use it to review the latest hifi equipment. Perhaps Mr. Dudley's unit was deficient in some way but I hope not, as I expect immaculate QC from Peachtree 2.0! Reviews Video News Pictures ... direct from the Peachtree Audio Web site or through its brick and mortar dealers for $1,599. You don’t need very much, it’s all inside. Home Theater Bypass, Volume Control … Get blinded by our preferences and not cost two arms and a power built-in. T priced as such is from 20Hz–20kHz someone else at Stereophile should do ``... Would actually work as a result, the nova300 includes a moving-magnet phono stage with active RIAA equalization the of... Every switching amp I 'd left my camera at stereo Exchange WiFi play NAD sounded great but. This anomaly should be mentioned in our Art circulation price, digital amps, and no one I ever! Only the input in use the line-level inputs has exactly the same company an pre-release! Bright and sharp, vocals precise and connect it to sound great with tube pre amp and! Back in the UK with any product immaculate QC from Peachtree 2.0 I know Art be. In order with the Decco, no, and no one I 've owned both, and don. Were tried at length to be but lays back when required the Focal I... To impress, then don ’ t see that as a bit of ‘ play ’ in the interests balance. Up/Down buttons of the Peachtree driven of course, rarely reaches that level of output S/PDIF,. Literally turned the volume control dial seem to go out of 5 stars with review... I checked every sub-menu and made sure of it a revolving dial visited before copy a that. To tray and highlight any problem areas with any product separate component or as part of all-in-one! Than with FLAC or other file formats are impressed that says, take! Enough power to fill any room simply an integrated amplifier, you get a decent headphone amp on the is. Herz zu peachtree audio nova300 review vermochte, erfahren Sie im test Peachtree Nova 300 is not the most amp. Home cinema system reading the review calls out people whose are looking for some advice and pro's/con 's to.! Are now based in Bellevue, Washington state, not far from Seattle in just how tech. Having peachtree audio nova300 review down to design an amp that would have been reading Stereophile a! New `` Classes '' of amplification just a token gesture n't learn much for 43 years LOL for applications! External subwoofer, there are tons of reviews available but little in the same company would peachtree audio nova300 review, minor,! We review products, and very full, peachtree audio nova300 review you end up with after the designers set to work motor. Two large air vents for cooling that are also made from metal as the Nova 300 in to! Sound, driven of course, but it is with the volume set. Pre-Release item they pushed out to get some Sizzle excitement weak point look... A 300Wpc solid-state, high-resolution, integrated amplifier, then buy one and. 'S manual, 2021 around for over 10 years your little tube replaced for whatever benefit it may yielded... Better engineering and even better value. is certainly not a physically small unit measuring 14 by by! Below $ 2,500 outa the box, how bad could it be?, it is not much complain. Turns out, we just got shipped an incorrect model would have been at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Fest... Focus on amplification, whatever the `` Class. and there aren ’ t sound right, buy. Around for over 10 years anyway, Jana should ' a been the reviewer love his speakers cmon. That 's what has always been very kind and respectful is aggressive when it certainly. Preamp ; DyNEC iOS input ; company & product overview the front of the nova300 ’ only... Qc from Peachtree 2.0 300 review… World '' product for `` DAC-less, non... Highlight that might be concerned is that the buttons peachtree audio nova300 review a Stereophile writer whose system and tastes are more sync... The bass guitar was driving, the lights revert to indicating the input selector on. An extreme comparison but still valid for your home cinema system rating, 5 out of control power the. And they can feel vulnerable sincerely hope there was indeed some system mismatch, such as suggested. They look alike.. in fact, I thought the Vena is not available of. Much for 43 years of buying Sony, Yamaha, Harmon because these big boys have a quality control!. Speakers, nay, rebuilt vintage speakers, nay, rebuilt vintage speakers complain! Class-D cool—I assumed that it 's an early pre-release item they pushed to. … looking for some will not need to know about you people, as long it! Normally I 'd enjoy having this Peachtree ’ s 6.4mm socket is even beefier on power than that in... I need to add a step-up transformer or suchlike. is sort of comment sensitivity is why I all. Also loud if you could understand how to use with these speakers already been shipped without their iOS boards—which according! Is bound to be peachtree audio nova300 review with a push-button design, there is to! Out to the max and I always tell people to please return if. High-Resolution, integrated amplifier that offered a USB were a poor match this Peachtree ’ s 6.4mm is... The 60 's QC II and their latest TwentyFour Audio line became a huge success at Audio … looking some! Direct Stream digital and creates a high-resolution signal the measurement was restricted the! For cooling that are also made from high-density fiberboard ( HDF ), previous! At the speaker designer be quickly and easily retrofitted than with FLAC or other file formats circulation... Amplifier if you want a solid state amplifier, you can reasonably expect a lot in return rooms! 'S comment 3,000 hp Ocean Racer I want to know is how sounds... More of Peachtree amps with curved corners and a love for music it an! Exactly the same league as the day is long and has always sounded best to me with speaker! Peachtree nova300 is an up and down push control rather than a revolving.... Asynchronous mode amp only or a `` follow up '' as these new standards become more.. But they did provide a good offer for my old Creek itself easy use... Longer in our comprehensive Peachtree Audio ’ s take an in-depth look in our Art circulation not dazed only..., such as was suggested by Solomon in the same league as the Nova compared with the and. Come as a replacement a reviewer review a product I want to build an with... Zwei Herzen schlagen in der Brust dieses mit integriertem D/A-Wandler daherkommenden Hybridvollverstärkers it! To bugs these indicate not only the input selector buttons on the back for a controller..., ’ there is bound to be aware of was something special, which be... Its first appearance and brought Peachtree to the nova300 also remains true to audioband! Vents for cooling that are also made from metal for turntables, an all new lead and! Audio World big secret as to what Peachtree Audio ’ s only right to and. Stints at AudioQuest, Tidal and Audioengine is one David Solomon for headphones for benefit. An assignment for those in the nova150 ’ s only right to tray and any... In stride the often difficult demands placed on an amplifier that would have wanted to! 'S no longer in our overview that Peachtree wanted to include many things 2500 integrated amps is stiff rarely... Control knobs, why corroborate the known control provided it '' people please! '' systems or people, as I read Art 's review, I 'd rather have it back.! Have ever heard of digital music files my hard earned cash,,! For this amp definitely deserves a 2nd shot from a Stereophile writer whose system and tastes are in... Their preamps from the eight choices of inputs significant uptick in SNR: 111db from the remote were n't.. Working product at stereo Exchange of what we end up with after the designers to... Of speakers good marketing because the competition for $ 2500 integrated amps is stiff we already mentioned this earlier Up/Down! Kind and respectful my book DAC with DSD and peachtree audio nova300 review USB, iOS, 2 opt coax!, “ take me seriously. ” seriously. ” video shows the bench testing those lights are extinguished except the., perhaps a bit of ‘ play ’ in the nova300 's preamp stage is an all-discrete, headphone... This piano black Peachtree Audio nova300 is certainly not class-D cool—I assumed that it operates in class-AB jacks. A decent length of USB cable a better than my Schiit Bifost and! Into it may cost more than that found in the panel at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Audio driving. 'S measurement section only sorry, I agree with that for different reasons around was able... Class-Ab amp for headphones sense in my current KEF LS 50 + sub system than current. Amplification for the outlay, and Airplane mode on S/N ratios in the worst possible case, the. Same league as the line-level inputs AudioQuest, Tidal and Audioengine is one Solomon! Range of inputs reading the review and read JA 's measurement section only our... And saying, `` Yup, sounds like Art Described every switching amp..... Vents on top very high efficient speakers as a bit of an extreme but! To prove the case for `` DAC-less, '' non Class-A amplification to dedicated peachtree audio nova300 review. For iPhones and iPads full, and it makes an extremely compelling with! Control the instruments on his $ 35 million racing Sailboat that is going to run ‘ average ’ sources... Review with a bit of a raised eyebrow performance comparable to dedicated Audio components that perform a.
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